K1SVC S-38 Hallicrafters Restoration – Part 7

In this video, we take a step backward and then move forward again.  The water slide decals prove to be unacceptable so we move on to dry transfer decals.  In the end the process looks great and hopefully the next video will be the last in this series.


  • Rick Tarbert AK3E

    How can I contact you to restore a front panel for an sx-99(Hallicrafters)

  • Anyone wanting to contact me can use the contact form from the menu and I will respond as soon as possible.

  • Norman Rodriguez

    Looking for qualified technician to discuss with me problems with my partially working SX 100.
    Realigned by service but not working well. Only parts replaced to get it operational. Will pay consulting fee don’t expect free advice

  • Not sure I am a qualified technician. Hopefully, someone will see this and reach out to you.

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