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K1SVC S-38 Hallicrafters Restoration – Part 8 Final

In this video we finish K1SVC’s S-38.  I show how we replace the speaker, and then run into trouble, the new speaker doesn’t clear one of the tubes, so we go to plan B.  Then we install the new back and make a new bottom label.

Finally, we put it back to work listening to some shortwave broadcasts and a SSB transmission.  Next step is to box it up and send it back.

K1SVC Hallicrafters S-38 Restoration – Part 1

Arthur has asked me to restore two of his father’s Hallicrafters receivers.  His father is K1SVC and his name is also Arthur.  He sent me a S-38 and a S-40.

In this video I show the condition of the S-38 and S-40 and start working on the S-38.

By the end of the video I have the S-38 chassis removed from the case and strip the top of it of components to prepare for cleaning.

The next video will show the cleaning, polishing and reassembly of the chassis.


Hallicrafters S-38B Restoration – Part 6 Final

In the final installment of our restoration We show how we made the replacement knobs and give a final overview of the completed restoration.

One point I want to clarify.  In one of the videos I misspoke and it sounded like the chassis was not hot.  What I did was make sure it wasn’t hot when the power was turned off and then I also installed a safety cap to make sure if the filter cap failed it would not fail to a short.

Over all we are very happy with the outcome and think we did justice to this restoration.  We learned a lot and hope to apply those lesions to future restorations.

At our local August club meeting, we presented the restored radio to our friend and he seemed to be very happy with it.  We have several more Hallicrafters radios to restore, so look for future videos on those.


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