Why we need Amateur Radio

Windstream, the local telephone company in Hastings and the surrounding areas suffered a malfunction in some of it’s switching equipment located in Lincoln, NE yesterday.  The area was left without 9-1-1 service for most of the day.  Here is a quote from the Lincoln/Lancaster 911 Center:


“Julie Righter, Communications Manager for the Lincoln/Lancaster County 911 Center, verified Thursday evening that landline telephone service to 911 had been restored. Cellular service into 911 was still not operational at that time. Until 911 services was fully functioning, it was suggested to continue to use the seven digit numbers listed below to access emergency services. Those numbers remained active until all service was restored.

The public could also go to local fire stations and Ham radio operators were posted at many major intersections in Lincoln to deal with emergency situations.”

Hastings/Adams County Ham’s help was not requested, but it does highlight the need for planning for situations like these not just severe weather.

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