Weekend Shack Cleaning Results

I spent a couple of hours this weekend cleaning the Office/Shack.  I am always amazed what can happen in there over a few months.  I found about 10 pens and a couple of tools that I had been looking for the past month or so.

The main thing that I came a crossed was a shelf I purchased last year from Richard Robinson K4EIH/G  (www.Novexcomm.com) that would allow me to mount my two Motorola radios side by side in an equipment rack.  I started building a rack out of reclaimed wood and didn’t get it finished yet.  So they have been sitting on the floor getting dusty and kicked around.  So I went ahead and put them on the rack and they are laying on top of the power supply right now.  At least they are not getting kicked around any more.

This in turn led me to work on the rack.  More on this later.

So instead of running out on the weekends to buy more stuff, sometimes it is cheaper to find old stuff in your shack and finish those half finished projects.

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