Weekend Ham Shack Activity

Plenty of activity in the Ham Shack this weekend. Most of it not good. I am working on a project that I started back in January and had to put aside. I want to get it done for camping season, but I hit a road block. More on that later.

I was using my Icom 746Pro today. Looked away and turned back and noticed that HRD wasn’tAstron RM-50A connecting to the unit. Turned around and looked at it, and it was off. So was the power supply. It is an older Astron RM-50A. The fuse was blown. While researching what type of fuse it is (which I am still not sure of) it became pretty clear that the rectifier had probably blew and I needed to repair it. So I have a RM-30A that I will swap and put in it’s place for now. Then I will have a post on the repair of the RM-50A. Looks like I might do some upgrades on it in the process.


The only thing that did go right, I had little to do with. This weekend one of our association members climbed one of our towers and installed a new commercial Larsen antenna on a local repeater. The wind this weekend caused the work to span over two days, but it is up and running again. We moved it up about 30 feet higher, so we have a lot better range on it.

Here’s to hoping this doesn’t portend to how this week is going to go.

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