Weather Spotting

It has been another crazy week around the shack this week.  I got my Icom 746Pro sent off for repair and it is already on its way back.  I have a lot of un-ham related projects going on too.

So one of the projects worked on this week was getting started rebuilding the local ham pool available for spotting duties.  I know it’s late, but there has been some turn over in local emergency management and the local Weather Service Office.

We have meet with both and now have a plan.  We have two members who are going to man stations at the Weather Service and our shack at the Red Cross.  They will then call a Wx net during severe weather.

They are also working on procedures for call up and how to get the information to Weather Service personnel and Emergency Management.  We are really starting from scratch, since the system kind of fell by the wayside the last couple of years and we have no documented procedures from before.

The final step will be to call hams in the local and surrounding counties to try and get them to participate.  We will be recruiting two types of spotters.  The full blown kind that will go to specified locations and some that just report from their home QTH.  Most of the area that we cover is rural, so home QTH is almost as good as a roving spotter.

Wish us luck, anyone with experience in this would be encouraged to post a comment.

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