The Sienna is finally on the air

I got the Sienna on the air last Monday.  I am still waiting on the 100w amp and the embeded PC, but we have been hitting PSK hard all week.

I have made a little over 20 contacts with it since.  Great performer and a fun project to build.  I plan on taking it camping as soon as I get the embeded PC put in.  That way I only have to take the Sienna, a monitor, keyboard and mouse with me.

Sienna by DZKit working

KBØASQ's Sienna

You can take a look at the build at,21.0.html

So if you want to see what it sounds like at least on PSK you can usually find me at 14.070.  Contact me if you want to try a SSB contact.


  • Allen,

    The radio looks very nice, with a retro-style glow about it.

    How are you finding its performance compared to other rigs?
    Alan, VA3STL

  • It’s great. The only other modern rig I have is a IC-746Pro. The Sienna is as good or better then it. The receiver is really hot.

    I find the front panel easier to use. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Icom, but i prefer the Sienna. I have made about 30 PSK contacts on 10w this week.

    I would recommend it to anyone.


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