Team Building

As president of the Amateur Radio Association of Nebraska the responsibility of rebuilding our Severe Weather Spotter Network partially falls on my shoulders.

Like most Amateur Radio groups over the past several years our members have aged and are less inclined to be available for these types of activities.   We have been working on bringing new younger members into the association for the past year, but that takes time.  While we have been successful in getting 5 -10 new licensees, we still don’t have enough to take on all of the Storm Spotting roles.

So I appointed a committee to contact hams in surrounding counties and identify the ones that are willing to help out.  Then the committee will appoint a team leader in each county that will be responsible to coordinate that counties spotters.

We will see how it goes.  If any of you have been through this and have any ideas for us, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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