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ARAN April 21st Member Meeting Sienna Presentation

We had our April Member Meeting on Wednesday, and since we have been busy doing repeater upgrades, we ran short on time to come up with a presentation.  So I volunteered to show them what the Sienna was all about.  I am sure they are getting tired of me talking about it, but they were kind enough not to say anything.

We taped the presentation and for what it is worth, you can view it at http://w0wwv.org/index.php/topic,273.0.html

The Sienna is finally on the air

I got the Sienna on the air last Monday.  I am still waiting on the 100w amp and the embeded PC, but we have been hitting PSK hard all week.

I have made a little over 20 contacts with it since.  Great performer and a fun project to build.  I plan on taking it camping as soon as I get the embeded PC put in.  That way I only have to take the Sienna, a monitor, keyboard and mouse with me.

Sienna by DZKit working

KBØASQ's Sienna

You can take a look at the build at http://w0wwv.org/index.php/board,21.0.html

So if you want to see what it sounds like at least on PSK you can usually find me at 14.070.  Contact me if you want to try a SSB contact.

Sienna Project Build Update

I (with some help from Brian of DzKit)  have the transmitter working.  I will try to get some video/audio put up next week of it on the air.

I really feel bad that I have taken so long on this, it shouldn’t reflect on the quality of the kit or the support Brian offers.  Our business just flat out got swamped starting last September/October and has just now slowed down back to normal.  I am not complaining, especially in these economic times.

So I am really excited to get it on the air.  I will try to make some contacts with it, and then build the 100w amp.  I also ordered the front panel and the embeded PC.  If the timing goes right, (no guarantees) we will use it for this years field day at ARAN (WØWWV).

Another Installment of my Sienna Trasceiver Build Posted

I just posted another installment of my efforts building the Seinna Transceiver by DZkit on w0wwv.org  You can follow my progress at http://w0wwv.org/index.php/board,21.0.htm

Sienna Receiver Board

Sienna Receiver Board

This has been a very fun kit to build. So far the construction has been top notch, I just hope I can do it justice. Other than a few minor slip ups, I think I have done alright. Luckily, the mistakes I have made have been correctable. In other words, I haven’t melted the foil off of any circuit boards.