Stupid Ham Shack Tricks 3

I have been working on the Genesis G59 build for a little over a week again.  One of the new skills I have had to try and master is soldering SMD parts to the circuit board.  I have gotten a lot better, but like everything it takes practice, practice and more practice.



When started to solder the microscopic capacitors, I found the most of the time I would lay them on the board and hit them with a little solder and they would stand up vertically.  So after a little research here is what I am doing.


I will put a small dab of solder on one of the pads and the use a pair of angled needle nose pliers and hold the capacitor to the of the pad.  Then I will heat the solder back up and slide the capacitor into the solder.  Remove the heat and let the solder cool.  Then solder the other side.

It works with surface mount IC’s also.  It gives you a chance to position the IC so it is lined up correctly.  Then heat the pad and melt the solder and let it flow under the pin of the device.

Sparkfun has a SMD soldering tutorial here that you can watch.

Happy soldering!

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