Stupid Ham Shack Tricks 1

If you are like me, your ham shack isn’t the biggest area in the house.  I work out of a home office and my office serves as a business office, exercise room and ham shack.

Wall space is at a premium and I haven’t been able to display any QSL Cards or rewards.  Not to Ham Shack Electronic Photo Framemention any of my club certificates.

I know I am not the first genius to think of this, but I thought I would share it anyway.  I was at a local Target this weekend and came upon one of those new fangled digital photo frames that was on clearance.  So I thought hey, I can upload all my QSL cards/ham promotional stuff to it and it will take less than a square foot on my wall.

So here it is with about 400 eQsl cards loaded on it.

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