Stupid DM780 Trick(s)

Ok, maybe it should be called Stupid Ham Tricks.  Here is one thing that I have done that many of you have already thought of.  But I thought I would share it anyway.  You can call me slow, just don’t call me Shirley.

I created an alert for may own call sign.  Yes I know that is probably obvious to most of you, but I run two computers here, my work computer and my Ham computer.  There have been a few times DM780when I have called CQ or answered a CQ and had to flip over to my other computer on the KVM switch I use and have gotten distracted.  Eventually I remember and switch back, but the party on the other side has had to wait or just given up on me.

So now when they respond, I hear my call sign announced in that oh so monotone male voice and it brings me back to reality.

If you are new to DM780 just click on tools->Alerts and add a new alert and enter your callsign in the text box.

If anyone else has some more Stupid DM780 Tricks to share let me know.

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