Space the final frontier?

This week the Obama administration announced their budget for the upcoming fiscal year.  While I have a problem with a large part of the administrations policies, one of the small cuts in the budget (compared to the enormatiy of the entire budget), was the funding cut in the NASA budget.

It basically killed the Constellation project which was the follow on to the Space Shuttle program.  Think about that for a minute.  For the first time since the early days of manned space flight, the United States will not have a means of putting a man into space.  We will have to rely on the Russians and/or the Chinese just to get someone to the space station that we mostly were instrumental in building.

Is this the first sign of a long spiral down to third world status?  First we abandon leadership in the exploration of space and then the tremendous debt load we are piling up for our children under the current spending plans demotes the United States to a third work power?  Our adversaries won’t lend us the money to compete with them on a global scale forever.  Our technological lead has allowed us to stay ahead of the rest of the world the last 30 years.  If we cut the investment now so that we can continue to fund some presidential library or bridge to no where, how will our children expect to pay off the massive debt we are piling up for them now?

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