SDR and WinRadio

After my post the other day about SDR, Dave KØRWM contacted me about his experiences with SDR.  He was gracious enough to send me a DVD of recordings he made using his SDR setup.  He also included instructions for downloading WinRadio from

I have to say I am really impressed.  The audio quality is very good.  He uses an Elektor SDR and a USB Sound card for a total investment of less than $250.00.  He has since ordered a RF Space SDR-IQ that costs around $500.00.  Not a bad price for such a high quality receiver.

As soon as I get some more of my other projects out of the way, I plan on playing with more SDR stuff.  There is a lot more I can do with Winradio not to mention the PowerSDR software.  The thing I like about it is the low cost of entry.  When you look at the price, a new ham can get into this stuff for less than the inflation adjusted price of my old Heathkit HR-1680.

Thanks again to Dave, that is what I love about Amateur Radio.  Just ask, and somebody will step up to help out.

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