Sandhill Cranes and Remote Operating

Had a chance to get the RV out this weekend and take it over to Fort Kearney State Park.  We love this time of year, because it allows us to if not partake in the annual Sandhill Crane migration, to at least admire it.

From the RV park, you can sit outside and watch the cranes fly over in the morning as they leave the Platte river and go to nearby corn fields to feed.  Then the reverse happens at sundown as they return to the river.

So this year, I thought I would do a little JT65-HF from the RV.  Well remotely from the RV.  Didn’t work out too well.  I only got one bar from out of my Verizon wireless internet card at the campground, so it was too slow to remotely control the HAMSHACK computer.

When I got back, I did a little research and ordered a Zoomtel 3g wireless router and a Maximum Signal Amplifier.  The 3g wireless router will let me hook up several laptops at the same time.  The Maximum Signal Amplifier is touted to boost the 3g signal strength for areas that have poor cell reception.

I will post my results in a few weeks after installation and the next camping excursion.

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