RFI in the Shack

Like all Amateurs, I ran into a problem with RFI in the shack.  I have a 100′ Windom setup that is feed with dual RG6 coax that goes into a MFJ-962D antenna tunner.

For the most part the setup works pretty good.  I have never been able to tune 15m or 160m, but I could the rest of the bands.  I always got a little RFI on 40m, but not so much that I couldn’t work it.

Well something changed over the winter.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with the antenna, or the ham shack.  I just got done rack mounting my main rigs and I suppose that may have changed something.  When I ran psk on 40m and 80m, I would get RFI and the rig would pulsate output so bad it was unusable.

So this weekend, I tried a trick that Woody KCØWA told me about.  I took a 1000pf ceramic capacitor and soldered it from the shielding to the center conductor of an old piece of RG-8 that Gary NØSJM gave me on BOTH ends.  Then I connected one end to the ground in the shack and the other end to the ground rod just outside the shack.

It worked for the most part.  The plusing is gone and I can work 80m again.  On 40m, the pulsing is gone, but I still can’t eliminate the ALC when I try to run PSK.

So I am going to try one other thing over the memorial day weekend.  Then maybe I can be conpetative when the next contest rolls around.

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