Remote Rig Control

Last night I got to thinking that the ability to remotely control my rig would be nice.  I have looked at this in the past, but setting up skype and hrd, etc. seemed like more than I wanted to mess with at the time.

In our Managed Service Business we use a version of Logmein remote to do about 90% of our work.  So last night I signed up for their free account and installed it on one of my Ham pc’s.  I have been running HRD and just installed JT65-HF on it the previous day.

It worked great.  I went up to our bedroom and logged in with my laptop and ran JT65 for about 2 hours last night.  I made 4-5 contacts that way on 20m.

The free version of logmein will work great on digital modes.  It won’t send sounds from the remote computer, so if you want to run voice, you will have to pony up for the paid version.  For more info go to

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