Re-Visited: JT65-HF and HRD

The latest version of HRD 5.0 was released today, build 2893.  This included the fix for duplicate entries in the JT65-HF ADIF file.  I downloaded it and installed it with no problems.  Sure enough, it fixed the duplicate entry problem.  That removes one step from my import process.

The new build of HRD also includes LOTW support natively, so I will be using that from now on instead of HRD Utilities.  The eQSL import is now native.  Not sure if I will use it for now since HRD Utilities also downloads the QSL card images.  I like that since I then ftp them up to the website.

To setup the LOTW process in HRD, you just select Logbook->LOTW->upload menu and enter your LOTW login info and point to the TQSL exe file on your computer.

That’s it for now….

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