Power Management Unit – Build Part 3

Part 3 of our Power Management Unit Build covers mounting the switching power supply, circuit boards, Arduino and cutting some more holes in the back panel.

First I mask off the back panel and measure the holes for the USB port and Ethernet port.  Then I use a Dremel tool to cut the holes out.  It takes a while to cut the holes, so I need to investigate alternate ways to do this.

After that is done, I lay out the components in the chassis and drill the holes for mounting.  I am careful to use screws that don’t protrude too far below the bottom of the chassis so that they don’t catch on any other equipment when I slide the unit into the rack for mounting.

I also use nylon washers on the project boards when mounting them using metal stand offs.  I am hoping to avoid shorting issues by doing this.  I mount the switching power supply using some “L” brackets that I have made with a 3D printer.

In part 4 we will start to wire the components together.

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