Power Management Unit – Build Part 2

In part two of our Power Management Unit Build we are going to start constructing the front and back panels of the case.

To start I apply painters tape to the front and back panel in a semi successful attempt to prevent marring of the panels.

Then I use product spec sheets and a caliper to layout the component placement on the panels.

Finally I use a drill press, air hack saw and a Dremel tool to cut out and finish the panels.

In working on the panels I learned a couple of things.

1.  I need to be more precise when cutting out holes with the air hack saw.  I spent a lot of time with the Dremel tool making the cutouts larger.

2.  I will probably need to put two layers of painters tape on the panels.  The air hack saw bounced around a lot and marred the panels.

3.  When drilling the holes, I need to stop and remove the shavings as I go along.  In some areas, the shavings scratched the panels as they turned on the drill bit.

I would really appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions on how to do a more professional job on this process.  It looks ok, but I would like to have a cleaner more finished look as I move forward.

In part 3 we will mount some of the boards and install the components in the front and back panels.  I also still need to cut holes in the back panel for the Arduino USB connection and the Ethernet port.

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