New Site Title and Call Sign

Those of you that have been to my site before might be a bit confused. This site used to be called KBØASQ after my Amateur Radio Call Sign. After dragging my feet for awhile, I requested that the FCC reassign to me my original Call Sign WDØDXD.

It is the first call sign I had when I got my ticket in 1978. It wasn’t reassigned after I lost it when my novice license expired after the 2 year period that they were good for back then. They changed the rules and allowed you to reapply and keep the novice license if it had not been expired for more than 1 year or 2 (I don’t remember how long it was). So I reapplied and got a new sequential license.

Nothing has changed, just got the old call back and should have some new content ready for you soon.


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