New Repeater System

We have been working on a new set of repeaters for the ARAN club.  We decided on Bridgecom units with Cat 400 controllers.

Our next problem was how to get them on IRLP.  We currently have two IRLP Nodes on simplex (3258 and 7438).  At least one of those will go on a repeater.  Then we were going to put nodes on the other repeaters also.  Then we got a bright idea about putting it on just one of the repeaters.

We have 5 repeaters and we link them together though one repeater that is in the center of a spoke.  That repeater acts as a hub for the rest.  I posted a message on the IRLP mailing list yesterday and received many good comments from the other users.  It looks like this might be an ideal arrangement, so the next step is configuring the controller for the IRLP node.

If you have any experiences with something like this, let me know.

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