New Mode JT65-HF

Tried a new mode today.  I downloaded JT65-HF and installed it.  After getting it set right to work with my Signal Link USB sound card, I was off and running.  I have it controlling my ICOM-746Pro using HRD.  Found that I could export the logs and import them into HRD Logbook, so far it seems to work seamlessly.


  • David

    I am trying to set up JT-65HF to run with my Signalink USB and my FT-857D.
    I am having NO Luck, receive is fine, NO Transmit. Could you tell me how
    you setup and got it working, with HRD ??? Thanks in advance

    73 de Dave – N2JBO

  • Make sure on the Sound Input and Sound Output Device set to USB Audio CODEC in the station setup tab. Then in the Rig Control tab, select HRD enable and the correct version of HRD. Also check Use HRD for PTT.

    After that you might have to play with the MIC Gain in the software and the TX on the SignalLink. Make sure you have the jumpers installed correctly on the SignalLink. If it works in DM780, it will work in JT65-HF.

  • Dan

    i have a ic-746pro use hrd ,with rigblaster plus2
    setting com#4 will not transmit need some help. Dan

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