More: Importing JT65-HF Logs into HRD

I received an email from Glen K1GW with a question about importing his JT65-HF logs into HRD. He followed my instructions in a previous post and upgraded HRD to the latest build and then tried to import the ADIF from JT65-HF. When he did this it said the file had 150 lines but no records.

JT65-HF ADIF Log FileHe let me take a look at the ADIF file and the only thing I could find was that there was a blank line at the beginning of the file. I had him remove the line and then try the import again. Sure enough, now it had 149 lines and 149 records.

We aren’t sure where the blank line came from, but check it if you have trouble importing the ADIF file from JT65-HF.

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  • Glen K1GW

    Thank you very much Allen it works awesomely. Since it removes several steps from the process of keeping my LOTW up to date, I expect to be updating more often.

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