Loop Antenna

Got side tracked once again and haven’t posted anything for a month.

To finish what I learned from the 070 Podex three day weekend, I will tell you what I did on memorial day.  I had been running a 100′ windom that worked reasonably well, but I couldn’t tune 15 meters and 40/80 was kind of iffy.

So on memorial day I enlisted the help of my two sons and we added another 120′ of wire to the windom and made a 220′ loop out of it.  It goes ac-crossed the top of the house and then to the back of the lot between two trees and forms a rectangle.

Now I can tune 80-6 meters with no problem and I can even use my Heathkit SB-200 without getting so much rfi into the house that is shuts off the LCD TV.  I have made a lot of contacts with it and have had good reports every time.

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