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It’s been almost a year since my last post.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to keep doing a blog.  I seem to get all excited and work on it for a couple of weeks and then life comes and smacks you in the face and it takes you a year to recover.

I won’t go into any personal details, but will give you a quick update on my ham activities.

First, the last few posts about the ham shack upgrade/redo.  Just ignore them.  I enjoyed it for about 11 months and then we decided that someone else in the house needed to have their own bedroom.  So the ham shack has moved out into the garage into my office.  While I enjoyed having the shack in the basement, it has worked out being in my office.  When I have a little down time from the business, I can turn around and work JT-65 and now JT-9.

I got the Sienna back from Brian at DZKIT and am using it mostly on SSB.  I have been having some fun with it, but I really need to get a better antenna up to take advantage of it.

Speaking of antenna’s, I started to get the Butternut Butterfly antenna put together.  Then I realized (even before the XYL saw it) that it wasn’t going to work in the cramped space that I wanted to put it in.  So if you want to buy a reasonably priced  compact beam, let me know.  I still have the Alpha Delta DX-CC in the bag.  I am going to measure to see if I can use that.  If not, I am going to try and sell it and the beam and see if I can find a decent vertical that will go in the yard.

Otherwise, I am still plugging away with my 220′ loop antenna.  It works ok, but I wish I could add another 100′ to it.

I will take some pictures when I get a chance.  Maybe they will be of interest to some of you.



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