I think I need a Balun

A little background information here.  My primary HF antenna is a 220′ horizontal loop that I feed with a dual pair of RG-6 coax.  The shields on each coax are bonded together and then each center wire of the coax are connected to one end of the loop.

I then feed it down to a MFJ-962D manual Tuner.  The setup works really great.  I can tune 80-6m pretty easily.

In a previous post I mentioned that I am playing with remote operation using logmein remote.  That works fine, but when I get a chance, I want to try it from somewhere outside of the house.  So I have a brand new LDG AT-1000 pro tuner that I would like to use.  So now I have to figure out a Balun to work with the RG-6 coax.  The two of them together gives me about 150 ohms.

So while I research the issue, if anyone out there has some experience in balun design, I would love to hear from you.

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