Home built DVR/PVR

I just can’t seem to help myself.  I just keep taking on projects.  Hopefully some of my older one’s will come together before I completely drown or they have to haul me away in a straight jacket.

Last fall during college football season, we had to be away for a weekend when my Cornhuskers were on tv.  We have 3 VCR’s in the house, but I don’t think more than one works.  So I looked around, running a computer business, I have lots of them laying around.  I even had a couple of TV tuner cards sitting on the shelf that we took out of long dead Windows Multimedia PC’s.

So I thought what the heck let’s build a DVR.  I did a little research and came upon Mythtv and looking further I found mythbuntu which is a Ubuntu distribution with Mythtv already rolled into the distribution.

So I took an old HP PC I had laying around with 1GB of ram and added a 1TB hard drive and a couple of  Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 cards in it and viola, we had a combo front end/back end DVR.  We put that in the basement and then took another old HP pc and built just a front end that I put in the living room.

Well it went over real well and the kids really love it.  Problem is the old PC that I used for the front end is big, bulky and noisy.  So this evening, the XYL was trying to clean up in that room and finally had enough.  I went in and discussed it with her and offered to build something new in a smaller size.

Shuttle XS35GT-804So I spent and hour or two researching and finally decided on a Shuttle XS35GT-804 It has 2gb of ram, a DVD Writter, 500GB HD and a dual core processor all in a what they call a 1 liter package.  I got it for about $369.00.  I added a wireless remote for another $20.00.  I will load mythbuntu up on it and we should be good.

See what happens when you just want to record a football game!

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