Ham Shack Upgrade

I am in the process of upgrading the ham shack.  I collected a variety of different rigs over the years, most of them vintage.  A few months back, I was looking around the Office/Shack and realized they took up a lot of room and I hadn’t turned most of them on in over a year.Kenwood TS-790

So I started to sell off most of the vintage stuff.  I got rid of my Heathkit SB-104, and my SB-200 amp.  I have couple of  old Kenwood Hybrids left to go and a couple of HW-101’s that I plan to sell yet.

Then the other day I realized that I always wanted some modern Kenwood equipment.  So I found a TS-790A on ebay and I just got a TS-590S.  So as soon as I get them setup, I will have my Kenwood shack.  Now I need to sell my Icom 746pro.  The Motorola Spectras that I have been using for UHF and VHF will get put in my Scout that I am restoring.

Now I need to redesign the shack so that it is not so cramped and I have a bench area.  I think that is what I will do for Father’s Day.


  • The Kenwood 590S is a top rig and I am sure with all that I have read about it you are going to be shocked with the preformance compared to the older rigs. Do post a review of the radio once you have used it for a while.

  • Just a quick review, I got it installed on Monday.

    I had to replace the backlights on part of the display. Instead of the bulbs, I used 5mm white leds with a 470ohm drop resistor. After I got it back together, I noticed the backlight on the meter is out, so I will have to replace that one too.

    All I have done so far is program it for the local repeaters. I am getting great reports on it and it seems to work well. The audio of course is second to none.

    I bought a cable off ebay for cat control. Took me awhile to get the usb driver installed correctly and I had to turn on dtr and shut off cts, then it has been working great with HRD.

    As soon as I get setup better for satellite, I will post more.

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