Ham Shack Re-Engineer Final Post

We are finally to the ending phase of the Ham Shack Remodel/Re-engineering.  As you can see from the enclosed pictures, it was a pretty major overhaul.

The first picture shows the overall layout of the shack.  I spent less than $100.00 and build a table/desk out of 2×4’s and 24″ shelving.  It is all screwed together so that I can knock it down and move it to a new location.  All the wires where hung up underneath the desk so that I can clean under it easily.

Ham Shack Picture 1

Equipment additions included a Kenwood TS-590s, TS790a, Uniden Trunk Tracker III scanner,  wireless wx station and a dual rack mount 25amp Powerwerx switching power supplies, and a Fujitsu PC with dual wall mounted 24″ LCD displays.





The next picture shows how I rack mounted the radios.  I purchase one custom and one off the shelf racks for the TS-790a and the TS-590s radios.  The wood rack is mounted on casters, so I can swing it out and work on the back without having to un-hook anything.  I know this config wouldn’t work for everyone, but I use HRD to control everything, so it works well for me.Rack Mounted Radios



Then next pictures shows how I mounted the keyboard/PC under the desk and mounted the monitors to the wall.  You can also see some cheap shelves I purchased from the local Menards for a little over $50.00 Ham Shack Dual Monitors










Ham Shack Upgrade







Finally you can see the cubbies that I purchased to store tools, etc and that I finally have some room on the wall to hang some awards and posters.  Overall I am pretty happy for now.



Ham Shack Upgrades

Ham Shack Upgrades

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