Hallicrafters S-38B Restoration – Part 1

Just to show that we like the old as well as the new, we have started a restoration project on a Hallicrafters S-38B.  This particular radio we purchased off of Ebay a year ago.  It is in pretty rough shape, so this should be interesting. Whene we got it, it had shredded newspaper in it for packing.  We didn’t get charged extra for the dead mouse living in the newsprint. (Tip, when storing old radios, don’t fill them with newspaper, great home for rodents and it really holds in the moisture.)

The case has so much rust on it, there is no way way can get away with just a touch up paint job.  So we are going to try a different approach, powder coating.  We found some crinkle powder coating from Eastwood that we are going to use.  If successful we should have a very durable finish that will last for a long time.

The biggest challenge on this one will be the top of the chassis.  It has plenty of rust, so my first thought is, we will have to probably paint it.  I don’t usually like to do that, but I think this one will require it.  We will know more once we get the navel jelly on it.

The speaker looks like it has some tears in it, but it also looks like a good candidate for repair.  Other than that we will recap what needs it and I think I might put an upgraded BFO circuit in it.

So take a look at what we have and follow along as the the fun begins.

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