Great Drawing Program – Fritzing

In working on some of our projects, it became apparent that I needed to have some form of drawing program to document the interconnections of my components.  I searched the internet and I mostly found schematic programs like KiCAD and PCB layout programs like PCB Express.

While those programs are great, the learning curve on them was more than I wanted to tackle at this point.  I just need something that I could drop some objects on and then draw the interconnect wires for each board.  Then I could take the boards off my breadboard and put them in the chassis and reconnect them.


I also really didn’t want to have to create the Arduino boards from scratch.  Well after a short internet search, I came a crossed fritzing.  So far it has meet all the requirements I had and more.

You can layout your project in breadboard mode and then convert it to a schematic and even produce a template to make your own boards.  They also have a FAB option to have professional PCBs made for you.

You can also share your projects with other users.

The library they have has many of the popular maker boards already in the collection.  They have all the Arduino boards and shields and many popular third party boards.  You can also make your own custom parts.

I just started working with it, so as I go forward I will update my findings.  It is getting easier and easier to build your own project.

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