Genesis G59 MK2 Build part 1

If you follow this blog (who wouldn’t 🙂 ).  You have probably figured out I am working on another kit.

In January, I started on a Genesis G59 MK2 build.  I had been looking at them for about a year and finally joined their Yahoo Group.   Hank –  KR7X had one that he hadn’t started and didn’t have time to work on due to job responsibilities, so I purchased his kit.

Genesis G59 MK2 Phase 3I got it in about three days and like a kid at Christmas, I tore into it.  The Genesis kits are a little different the the DzKit, mostly on how they come packaged.  The DzKit is like the old Heathkit’s.  The parts of each build are packaged together in modules that match the chapter of the build.

The Genesis kits are shipped with the parts pretty much in one bag and the instructions are on the website and get updated as changes are made to the build procedure.  It’s a little more time consuming, but completely do-able.  I got a large cupcake pan from the XYL and sorted the parts by type which helped a lot.

I quickly got through phase one with no problems.  Then I went on to phase two and at the end while doing the final testing, I could not get the oscillator to function.  I messed with it for a few hours and then had to set it aside to get some business projects down and a few other things in the Shack.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.  It started working on it again.  I still couldn’t get the oscillator to function.  Finally, even though I knew better, I went ahead and completed phase three thinking it my be my test equipment.  Well what do you know, I couldn’t get the PC to recognize the USB device when I hooked it up.

I made several puzzling posts to the Yahoo Group and Bruce KF1Z started helping me with it.  Long Story short, I had done a bad job of soldering the IC Socket for the micro-controller to the board.  Bruce who has a good set of SMD tools (I assume a re-flow oven) replaced the socket for me and tidied up a couple of other things for me.  Can’t say enough about his service to the Genesis community.

So now that I have the board back in my hot little hands, I will let you know how the rest of the build goes.  I promise to practice better soldering techniques and I will pass on some resources that I found on doing SMD soldering.

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  • Robert K5CO

    My thought on SDR is that the unit should cost a good deal less than a unit with all of the knobs and switches etc…….otherwise, what’s the point? There is clearly quite a cost saving in the manufacture of such radios. But prices remain (too) high and then I have to add a computer etc. to use one? I look forward to playing with a unit when the price hits a reasonable retail price.
    After all, what Ham would not love to mess around with such?


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