Genesis G59 Build Phase 7

The “Widow Maker” step.  No I am kidding about that, but their are a lot of components to install in this phase and placement is critical.  NØJRJ has a video up on it and he had to remove and reinstall a whole line of capacitors.  Luckily I headed his warning and triple checked my placement.

After I completed the first part of this phase, I went to do the testing of IC2B and ran into problems.  I ended up wasting half a day on a silly mistake.  You see I started this back in January and got busy and set it aside.  Well there is a mod that you have to do on the 160m band pass filter on this version of the board.  You cut a trace and then solder in a jumper.  All well and good, but I cut the trace back in January and didn’t solder on the jumper.  This gave some weird voltage readings, but with the help of Bruce KF1Z I as able to find the mode and put the jumper on and all is well.


G59 MK2 Phase 7

Then I went on to solder the inductors and capacitors in.  Again make sure to check the BOM for all the components.  there are a couple of capacitors not listed on the pictures on the website.  I am missing one capacitor for the 80m band pass filter, but I was assured by Bruce that I could continue on until I got the part.


So until Phase 8 here’s to happy soldering!

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