Genesis G59 Build Phase 6

In Phase 6 you build the Input-Output HP-LP Filters, antennuator and preamplifier.  A new skill to master is making an inductor by putting 5 turns on a 3mm drill bit.  I didn’t have a 3mm so I just used a 7/64ths drill bit.

You solder all the relays in at this time and a few more SMD components.  I did a better job of doing the SMD work this time, I sometimes get better with practice.

G59 Build Phase 6The on thing I struggled with is making the cables.  I wasted quite a few crimp on connectors and then made the cable too short.  I will have to go back and build a new one later.

The voltage checked out and I was able to see a pretty good spike in reception when I enabled the RF Preamp.  So for now I think I am on my way.

Also, take a look at NØJRJ’s blog.  He is also building one and has documented it in video.

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