Genesis G59 Build Phase 5

This is the receiver build.  Nothing too unusual.  You finish soldering in a couple of IC’s that are on the board when you get it.  Not sure why they are shipped that way when the others aren’t, but so be it.

G59 Build Phase 5There is also some more SMD soldering.  I am getting a better hang of that.  Heat the pads and then let the solder flow under the pins.  I used an angled needle nosed pliers to hold the microscopic capacitor down on the board.  First I put a little solder on one of the pads on the PC board and then heated it up and slide the capacitor into it.  If I didn’t do it that way, I found that they would spring up vertically when you soldered them on one side.

You add the capacitors, resistors, etc.  The hardest part is making two wire cable that is required in this step.  I have a crimper for these types of cables, but it was still a pain.  I crimp them and then solder them for insurance.  The kit comes supplied with a 15 wire ribbon cable that you have to split and then cut to length.

I got everything soldered in and started to do the checks.  The voltage checks on IC1R came out fine.  I went on to IC2R and IC3R and the voltage was 6.8v on some of the pins instead of the suggested 5.05v.  I double, triple checked my soldering.  Found one capacitor that wasn’t soldered well and rechecked.  Still the same.  I then rechecked to make sure that I installed the correct components.

Here is where I found out something that will help me as I go along in construction of the kit.  Not all the parts are listed in the steps on the web page.  When I checked the BOM (Bill of Materials)  I found some capacitors that were not installed.  I went back and installed them thinking that that may be my problem.  Still the voltage was off.  At least I know to check off the components in the BOM as I go along.

I then went and searched the Yahoo Group and found someone that had the same problem as I did.  In fact he was at the same step at the same time as me.  After posting the questions, we were assured that the voltage we were seeing was ok and we could proceed.

The next step was to hook it up and see what we heard.  I hooked up my E-MU 0202 and off we went.  I spent the better part of two hours today figuring out how to use the GSDR software.  I finally think I have a basic grasp of it.  I was able to adjust the receiver to reject the unwanted image and was able to listen to a conversation using SSB mode on 20m.  I did find out that I have the cable wired backwards for the E-MU0202, so for now I am just having the software reverse the inputs.

All for now till Phase 6

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