Genesis G59 and Hardrock-50

Just finally finished up my Genesis G59 and Hardrock-50 amp.

Been a long time in the making.  I started the G59 over 3 years ago and the Hardrock-50 last year.  The G59 was the most work of the two,  it is not a beginner’s kit, but with some experience and patience you can get it done.  They just kitted up another 100 kits, so if you want to get into SDR and want an all band radio with a 10w amp, go to and order one while the supply lasts.  I will post some reflections on operating the unit as I go along.

rsz_g59andhardrock50The Hardrock-50 is a great little kit that is as high quality as anything I have built, including Heathits.  The amp goes together in a few hours and just works.  The quality of the components are second to none.  It takes 5w and puts out 50w, great for people experimenting with SDR kits like myself.  Wander over to and order one today.

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