First Look: Zoom 3G Wireless-N Router

I received the Zoom 3G Wireless-N Router model 4501 today.  Took it out of the box, put my Verizon (Alltel) 3G USB Huawei EC168 card in and fired it up.  The only thing I had to do is log into the console and enter the Phone number for it to dial.  I got that from the properties of the software that the Huawei had installed on my laptop.

Connected right up with no problems.  From the basement where my cell phone shows only 2 bars, I was able to get about Zoom Model 4501 3G Wireless-N Router500k down and up.  I took it upstairs where I get a full 5 bars and I got about 1mb down and 500k up.  About what I expected.

I used my logmein account and remotely controlled my Hamshack pc for a test.  Not sure I will be able to use DM780 at that speed, too many screen redraws.  But it worked fine with JT65-HF, I even made one contact with it.  I will do further testing and see how it goes.  Next step is to get the Maximum Signal Amplifier hooked up and test it’s performance and the performance of the two together.

A word of caution from an experienced computer guy certified on security.  Make sure you change the default passwords.  Set a non default SSID if you have to broadcast it and use at least WPA2 encryption.

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