Echo Link on the Droid

I was tooling around on the Android Marketplace awhile back and came a crossed the Echo Link app.  I installed it , but didn’t try it out, since I didn’t want to mess with faxing a copy of my license in and so forth.

Motorola Droid

Well I was going through my emails yesterday trying to weed my inbox down from over a thousand and found the Echo Link registration email.  I click on the embedded link and went to their site.  I couldn’t use the phone authentication since our private line is unlisted, but I noticed that you could use TQSL to authenticate.  So I downloaded their small utility and ran it.  put my cert password in and in literally seconds I was authenticated.


I haven’t made any contacts yet, but plan to in the next few days.  I still have to get over the idea of Amateur Radio without a radio, but we won’t re-hash that argument here.

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