Commodore 64 rises from the ashes

The New York times has an article about the new Commodore 64 that recently has been released.  You can read about it here: .

I broke my teeth in on the original Commodore 64 back in the 80’s.  In fact you could say it is partially responsible for my adult career.  I purchased one along with 2 floppy drive units, a Okidata 82a printer and some accounting software for a grand total of $2500.00.

I could never get it to work with both floppies and the accounting software stunk, but I spent many wee hours into the morning learning to program the thing in basic.

Commodore 64

Would I buy one now?  I am sentimental about a lot of things.  Old pickup trucks, old ham equipment, but not computers.  I make my living with them, so I want the best most reliable units.  My work workstation is a HP XW4200 work station with dual monitors, that I am going to be replacing soon with a newer HP XW4600 with dual 22″ monitors.  So no even though the guts of this new Commodore 64 is basically a modern PC, I won’t be buying one.  It is however kind of neat to see them try again.  I wish them the best of luck.

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