I earned my first operating award last week.  I finally got enough contacts for the eQSL eDX 25 award.

It was mostly due to the opening of the 15m band and JT65.  I made a ton of DX contacts on 15m using JT65.

I did find out one thing.  LOTW was rejecting my JT65 contacts when I tried to use HRD utilities by WD5EAF to upload them.  A little investigation revealed that it was an old version of TSQL that I was using, not HRD Utilities.  I just HRD Utilitiesdownloaded the latest version of TQSL (1.13 as of this writing) and installed it over my existing version.  No need to reinstall the cert.  Then I was able to go back and re-upload my JT65 contacts without any issues.

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