America Needs Jobs

America is one of the most dynamic and ever changing experiments that has ever taken place in our known universe.

I don’t think I am going out too much on a limb making that statement. In these fast changing times, I think that only the United States of America has the ability to make the changes necessary to retain it’s top spot, politically, economically and morally.

We have a system that is flexible to adapt to current conditions, we just have to exercise it. Let’s face it, over the last 20 years, we have sold our manufacturing sole to the bad guys. Some how we thought just coming up with the ideas and making money off of them was all we needed to do. Now we find out we are not the only ones with ideas and the bad guys don’t depend on us anymore.

We are kind of funny in that sometimes we operate on the extremes and not in any sort of balanced manner. In our current cycle we seem to be heading from what I would call Brute-Force Capitalism to Socialism. Brute Force Capitalism is when all we care about is the current quarters results no matter what the results will be for the future.

In racing for the profits and not thinking about the future, we have painted ourselves into a corner. We don’t have a manufacturing sector to work our way out of this recession and the other parts of the economy depend on it (ie service, banking, etc.) So what do we do?

Read this article by Andy Grove the retired CEO of Intel and let me know what you think:

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