Adding IRLP to a repeater

ARAN finally moved our IRLP Node from a simplex transceiver over to our 443.200 uhf repeater.  We are using a CAT400 controller.  For anyone who is trying to make a cable for this, here is the pin out:

CAT RX Audio Port#X pin 5 -> Sound Card Line Audio Out
CAT TX Audio Port#X pin 4-> Sound Card Line Audio In and IRLP Card pin 8

CAT Port#X pin 9 -> 10k resistor -> Port#X pin3
CAT Port#X pin 9 -> 10k resistor -> Port#X pin1

CAT Port#X PTT pin3 -> IRLP Card pin 7 COR In Control
CAT Port#X CORT pin1 -> IRLP CARD pin 2 PTT OUT Control
Cat Port#X Ground pin 8 -> IRLP Card pin 6 Ground

Tip and middle ring on the sound card jacks got tied together and I tied the grounds together (bottom ring) and connected them to Cat Port#X Ground pin 8.

Substitute your CAT port number on the controller for “X”.

Then set COR LOW on the CAT Port (dip switch 4 on in our case since we are using port 3) and make sure COR is low on the IRLP controller board.

Then  you good to go.  I just need to figure out how to disable port 3 on the CAT if port 2 is active and vice-versa.  I will explain the reasons why later.

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