A Small Ham Shack Project

This is a project I completed last year that combines Amateur Radio and Wood Working.

I had some old wood that I took out of the back of the garage many years ago and hung onto to use in a project some day.  It was rough western yellow pine I believe.  So I took it and ran it through a planer I have and then used the joiner to straighten them up.  I then used a bisket jointer to join the boards together and finally used my table saw to cut them to the correct dimensions.

KBØASQ ConsoleI put a roman ogee edge on the top and bottom and then finished it with some tung oil.  I took some rails off of a studio rack that Ron WØSTX gave me and put them in the console.

I mounted a duplexer on the back and a MFJ powerstrip on the back along with a terminal bar for gounding.

I will post some pictures as soon as I get my equipment back in it.  I have a couple of radios out for repair.

Overall, it works great and looks pretty good also.  Best of all I made it with 80% recycled material.

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